Migrating from Keybase - Keyoxide

Migrating from Keybase

Let’s see how easy it is to get a Keyoxide profile when you already have a Keybase account.

Claim your Keyoxide profile

Go to the profile URL generator, set Keybase as Source and follow the Keybase specific instructions. Has a profile URL been generated? Congratulations, you now have your very own Keyoxide profile!

Actually migrating to Keyoxide

Unfortunately, you get very little control when using your Keybase key directly. You will need to generate your own PGP keypair (use guides like this one for help) to unlock the full potential of distributed identity proofs.

Have you generated a keypair and made the public key accessible through web key directory (WKD) or uploaded it to keys.openpgp.org? Use the profile URL generator to get your own profile URL and start adding identity proofs.

Keyoxide as a partial replacement for Keybase

It’s important to moderate expectations and state that Keyoxide only replaces the subset of Keybase features that are considered the “core” features: message encryption, signature verification and identity proofs.

Message decryption and signing are not supported features: they would require you to upload your secret key to a website which is a big no-no.

Encrypted chat and cloud storage are not supported features: there are plenty of dedicated alternative services.

If you need any of these Keybase-specific supports, Keyoxide may not be a full Keybase replacement for you but you could still generate a profile and take advantage of distributed identity proofs.