Adding a Mastodon proof

Let’s add a decentralized Mastodon proof to your OpenPGP keys.

Update the Mastodon account

Log in to your Mastodon instance and click on Edit profile.

Add a new item under Profile metadata with the label OpenPGP and your PGP fingerprint as the content, or with the label Keyoxide and your Keyoxide profile URL as the content.

Update the PGP key

First, edit the key (make sure to replace FINGERPRINT):

gpg --edit-key FINGERPRINT

Add a new notation:


Enter the notation (make sure to update the link):

Save the key:


Upload the key to WKD or use the following command to upload the key to (make sure to replace FINGERPRINT):

gpg --keyserver hkps:// --send-keys FINGERPRINT

And you’re done! Reload your profile page, it should now show a verified Mastodon account.